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Rules and Regulations


             The membership of the society is open to any person who has attained the age of maturity and fulfils the terms & conditions of the society but the subject to the approval of Governing Body.

NOTE:   The reason of refusal for the membership shall be communicated to the person/applicant concerned.

                 The Admission Fee shall be as under unless otherwise revised by the

Governing Body of the society:
        Membership Fee Rs 2100/- at the time of admission.

            The Governing body of the society shall have the powers to expel/terminate a member or/ and members from the membership of the above society on the following grounds:
        a) On his/ her death,
        b) On his/ her written resignation,
        c) If he/she is found to be involved in any anti-social activity.
        d) If he/she is found guilty by the Governing Body by means of anti-propaganda of the activities of the society.
        e) If he/ she is adjudged by a competent court of law to be a criminal offender or unsound mind.
        f) If he/she fails to pay the subscription of contributions for three months from the due date.
        g) If he/ she has not attended three consecutive meetings without proper intimation to the society.
        h) If he/she disregards the Rules and Regulations or the decisions of the Governing Body.
    i) If five (or more than five) members of the society make a written complaint against any member the Governing Body of the society is authorized to take the     decision of terminating of such member from the membership of the society.


    NOTE: (i) The reason of termination/ cessation from the membership of the Society shall be communicated to the member concerned.
    (ii) A member expelled from the membership of the society, shall have no right to enjoy the “Rights & Privileges” mentioned in clause No. 7 of these Rules & Regulations

               All the members of the society will constitute the ‘GENERAL BODY’ of the society.

    All and every member of the society:
        a) Have one vote at every meeting.
    b) Shall be entitled to participate in the meetings cultural or/ and educational functions And other lawful gatherings, called/ arranged by the society.
              c) Have right to collect the identity card after depositing the required/prescribed fee (Fixed by the Governing Body).

    All and every member of the society shall:
    a)  Administer the oath of the office and loyalties to the society and/or its constitution.
        b)  Elect the Governing Body of the society.
    c)  Attend the General Body meetings.
    d) Give the necessary information’s to the society pertaining to any matter which is necessary to be known by the society.      
    e) Not indulge in activities which are prejudicial to the interest of the Rules & Regulations of the society


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