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  • The Governing Body shall responsible for the management and administration of the affairs of the society. The Governing Body is authorized to appoint any member to look after any particular matter/ function/ institute or the property of the society.
  • All the decisions shall be taken by the majority votes of the office bearers and the executive members present.
  • Any person/persons member/members, executive member/members or the office bearer/office bearers (authorized by Governing Body) shall execute all agreements and contracts and sign bonds as well as receipts or legal documents on behalf of the society.
  • The Governing Body may appoint ‘Honorary Patron’ or/and patrons.
  • The Governing Body shall have all powers as are powers of the society mentioned in the Memorandum of the Society and these Rules & Regulations. The Governing Body shall have also the following powers:
  • To prepare plans and programmes for the upliftment of the Aims and Objects of the Society.
  • To receive, to have keep in custody of and to expend the funds/ moveable properties and to manage the same.
  • To appoint control and terminate such staff as may be required for effective and efficient management of the affairs of the society, Governing Body shall appoint Election Officer to complete the election process.
  • To arrange finance, if required from Bank(s), Institutions (or/and) Individual on reasonable terms and conditions and the Governing Body as a whole is liable for its return.
  • To publish literature and to propagate the system to approach the public pertaining to upliftment/ attainment of the aims and objects of the society. To accept donations, charities, loans, grants, properties etc. from the members, public, other Associations Agencies and from Govt. or/ and Semi Government department

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