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schooling May 2017

My schooling was mostly from Kendriya Vidyalaya and I was a average kid. I come from a Naval background so I was lucky enough to have a little bit of permission when it comes to dressing up, education, friends etc. When I was around 10 yrs old my father was transferred to Japan. It was a fresh start of my life I must say. I stepped into a country which was cordial and very sociable. I studied in an international school wherein I met people from various parts of the world. It was like I was doing a short world tour every day. The best part was that my parents no longer had this worry of me getting involved or trapped in unsocial activities. I still don’t understand what it meant but I was glad to get total freedom with no questions asked.

Every morning would bring up something new to learn. I had the grip of the language within a month of us being there, so most of the times I used to be the interpreter for the neighbours and my parents. I had all the opportunities and amenities around for me to chase what I liked. However I chose to do everything which delighted me like playing volleyball, painting, singing, karate, playing instrument etc; I regret now for not choosing one because then I would have been a master of something. Nevertheless, I still can say that I didn’t lose out on anything and had lot of feathers to add to my golden hat.

Although we stayed in Japan for four years, I always say that I grew up in Japan, because these four years made me a better person as a whole and I realised the meaning of life. I started living my life as it came and just enjoyed every moment of it. This experience of a life time filled with adventure and friends taught me not to yelp about what you don’t have and day dream about things you wish to have but got out and strive to achieve it. I just had one aim in life that while I am considered the 'weaker' half of the human race. I will conquer the world and do so much more...while being a girl. One good habit that I got into soon after coming back was writing a diary. It helped me in having clear thoughts and end of the day I would realise my mistakes and help me not repeating them in the future. I completed my schooling from Visakhapatnam and thereby joined for my graduation in Andhra University. Somehow at this stage of life I just wanted to get a job and become independent.

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