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Kiran Sekhawat Childhood May 2017

I was born on 01 May 1988 at Mumbai. I can’t Say that I was born with a golden spoon, yet my life was filled good fortune and luck. Although my life didn’t start off upright because I was born in a middle class family and a girl child at that time was considered a curse in Rajasthan. I didn’t have an understanding of what was happening around me however all had a similar expression of grief and misery as my mother told me. However my father was the happiest man, ignorant of all the cultural/ traditional obligations that the people around had to criticise about.

Being raised by parents who have followed a more or less traditional route wasn’t easy. It can be hard for parents to give their kids the freedom that comes from living in a country like the India, and it can be hard for us girls to understand and accept where our parents are coming from. Being a girl isn't easy, every day I felt a new pressure pressing down on my weary head. I loathed my existence for half of my life. Not that I was made to feel nothing but inferiority in my entire life, but because this so called humanity around me labelled girls 'weak' and a curse.

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